Dog romps around and makes his baby friend squeal with joy

Interactions between children and their beloved pets are always so heart-warming. Liam Lally romping around with his canine friend is no exception. Their sheer joy is an antidote for a civilization gone mad with fear and hate.

Liam Lally’s doggie buddy knows how to cheer Liam up when he’s stuck at home for long periods: by romping around the floor in a pure expression of canine delight.

Liam squeals with pure joy as the dog puts on a silly show for him. The more the dog jumps from side to side, the more the toddler laughs.

At one point, the dog boops Liam in the nose, resulting in more laughter. When Liam’s doggie buddy barks, the laughter goes through the roof.

Liam’s mom got the whole thing on tape so that people in the future can press play on this fun video. She can be heard laughing uproariously on the video, sharing in the joy of her son and her pet.

The world needs more heartwarming clips like this. Thank God, Liam’s mom was able to record this interaction. Now, if we could just find a way to bottle up the rapturous delight in this video and dispense it to misanthropes and curmudgeons everywhere.

Dog romps around and makes his baby friend squeal with joy