Dog spends all day riding his favorite horse

It is no secret that dogs are capable of working in a variety of fields. They can be security, emotional support, and rescuers, but this dog stepped outside the box to become a horseback rider.

Emily’s dog, Robin, began his horseback riding career at a young age. “Robin’s grown up with [my horse,] Teddy,” said Emily. “Robin started riding Teddy pretty much the first night I brought him home.”

As Robin grew older, his relationship with Teddy became stronger. The second he woke up, he was ready to see his equine friend. “Every day, he asks me to ride Teddy,” said Emily.

As soon as he saw Teddy, Robin would jump and run in circles until his fur mom helped him jump onto the horse’s back. Once he was in place, he did not want to come down.

When the dog was on his horse’s back, he had the biggest canine grin. Emily was glad her animals were happy. “He’s panting. He’s thrilled,” Emily said. “He’s like, ‘This is the best day of my whole life.’”

When Teddy and Robin were not riding together, the unlikely duo loved playing chase, even though it was not much of a contest between the horse and dog. “The two of them get very competitive,” said Emily.

Emily could not be more thrilled about her two fur babies. “It’s such a joy to watch them. Their relationship is so pure and honest,” said Emily. “Every time I see them together, I am just reminded, ‘This is the best.’”

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Dog spends all day riding his favorite horse