Donkey turns groupie, snuggles guitarist every time he strums a tune

There’s an old saying my mama used to recite: “Animals have a way of choosing the humans they bond with.” As a veterinarian in my younger days, I came across countless stories of love and connection between animals and their humans. But none quite like the story of Hazel the donkey and her beloved human, Chris.

Hazel is not just any donkey; she’s a donkey with an ear for music and a heart full of love. One day, amidst the chirping of birds and the gentle rustle of leaves, Chris was playing his guitar when Hazel ambled over. She didn’t just stand and listen; she melted, snuggling right into Chris’s shoulder as if the two were sharing a secret world where only their song existed. It was a sight to behold.

You know, donkeys are known to be sociable creatures. I’ve often marveled at how they form close bonds with each other. In fact, if you ever find yourself in the company of a donkey, you might just make a lifelong friend. And Chris? He was lucky enough to be chosen by Hazel.

Each time Chris strummed his guitar, Hazel would come over, nuzzling him with a tenderness that made onlookers go “aww.” Reminds me of a cat I once treated who’d always purr loudly whenever her owner sang lullabies. Chris recalled how taken aback he was during their first musical encounter, “The first time I played for her, I was truly surprised by her reaction.” But this was no fleeting infatuation. It was true love.

There’s something poignant about how Hazel would cry every time Chris left. It’s like witnessing two souls so deeply connected that the mere thought of parting brings about sorrow. Over the years, their bond only grew stronger. I remember a golden retriever back in my clinic days that’d wait by the door, day and night, for his owner to return. Animals truly have such deep emotions, and Hazel was no exception.

While Hazel had many friends, including her best buddy, Lily, when it came to Chris and his guitar, it was their exclusive world. She was possessive in the most heartwarming way. Chris might not have chosen Hazel from the start, but their destiny was sealed in melodies and strums. As he said, “I was all hers.”

I often think about Hazel and Chris and the serene moments they share. It’s a testament to the magical bond between humans and animals. And just like the bond I’ve shared with countless pets in my time, their story is a timeless reminder of the love and connections waiting to be discovered in the world.

For those of you with a furry or feathered friend at home, give them an extra hug today. And for those who have yet to experience such a bond, keep your heart open. There’s a Hazel out there for everyone. And if you want to see this beautiful story come alive, watch the video of Hazel melting into Chris’s shoulder to the rhythm of the guitar.

Share this touching tale with those you love. And if you can, lend a hand to the many animals out there waiting for their own Chris.

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Donkey turns groupie, snuggles guitarist every time he strums a tune