English Bulldog Puppies Taking Their First Steps Is Today’s Dose Of Super-Cute

English Bulldog Puppies Taking Their First Steps Is Today's Dose Of Super-Cute

Capturing a baby’s first steps is an important milestone event and one which proud parents capture every step of the way. That’s why you’ll see a ton of videos that every friend or relative will have, chronicling their child’s first steps for posterity’s sake. But what happens when that baby is an English Bulldog puppy?

Well, this video will show you just how adorable infant English Bulldog puppies really are. They struggle to stand upright, and it’s clear to see that standing up is a real challenge. Their little bodies look like little moving stuffed toys, ones that squeal and squeak the entire way, exactly like a squeaky toy.

The only difference is that they’re not toys. Yes, these cute little furballs are little puppies that are making a huge effort in order to walk. One puppy in this video can’t manage that, so he’s half dragging himself, but I ended up rooting for him the entire video. Their efforts show the level of determination these little pooches have to reach their human parent.

You can even see their mommy and daddy in a kennel nearby. Before you get all huffed up, it’s for the little ones’ protection because the parents could squash them by mistake. But I can totally understand why the parents wanted to capture this on camera. Too cute. Check out these two cuties taking their first steps in the video below.

English Bulldog Puppies Taking Their First Steps Is Today\'s Dose Of Super-Cute