First snowfall turns horses into playful children in a winter wonderland

Snow doesn’t only bring out the child in us humans; it seems to do the same for our four-legged friends as well.

There’s an old saying that goes, “Joy can be found in the simplest of things.” During my time as a veterinarian, I witnessed countless animals experience pure, uninhibited joy. Whether it was a pup’s first bath or a cat’s relentless chase of a laser pointer, their happiness was contagious. But one sight that never failed to warm my heart was watching horses play in the snow.

Just like us, horses seem to become young again at the sight of a fresh white blanket covering the ground. I once watched a video shared by a horse enthusiast named Brandi on her YouTube channel, “Versatile Horsemanship.” She captured the delightful scene of horses, big and small, letting loose on a snow-covered field. One playful pony even climbed a pile of snow and slid down, as if asking Brandi, “Did you see that? Wasn’t I clever?”

You know, horses are magnificent creatures. Built to withstand colder temperatures than us humans, they find comfort even in frosty conditions. Their resilient nature dates back to when they were first domesticated, around 3500 BCE in Central Asia. Back then, they pulled chariots and carriages, serving as loyal companions to humans. Their free spirits and desire to roam vast lands remain unchanged, even to this day.

On Brandi’s farm, a variety of animals, including mules and even a donkey, coexist harmoniously. The space allows them all to revel in their freedom, with ponies often being the most playful of the lot. Despite their smaller stature, they dash about with gusto, their energy seemingly boundless.

In the midst of all this merriment, even dogs joined the frolic. The scene was reminiscent of those moments from my younger days when different animals on a farm would come together in shared joy. Brandi’s dedication to these animals is evident. She’s not just their caretaker but also an ardent student, forever eager to understand and bond with them better.

For those who might be wondering, there’s only one species of domestic horse. But within that species, there are about 400 different breeds! And while many horses have been tamed over time, a few still run wild, descendants of those that once had homes but have since embraced the wild.

So, next time you see a fresh layer of snow outside, take a moment to watch the world around you. Maybe, like me, you’ll be lucky enough to see a group of horses, or even just one, relishing in the simple joy of nature’s play. And if you’re curious to see more of Brandi’s heartwarming interactions with her animals, you can always check out her social media pages.

If this brought a smile to your face or reminded you of a fond memory, do share it with your loved ones. And while we’re at it, let’s always remember to show kindness and support to animals and their well-being.

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First snowfall turns horses into playful children in a winter wonderland