“Cats Gone Crazy!” – Amazon’s best-selling flopping fish toy

Cat playing with flopping fish toy

Cats love fish and love playing, which makes this moving fish toy the perfect gift just for them. Watch your cats play for hours, thanks to the fantastic features the toy has to offer.

The fish will kick into action any time it is touched. Inside of it is a motion sensor that will react to any disturbance. It will wiggle and move just like a fish out of water.

Any cat will be excited and intrigued by the lifelike movements of the toy. Its appearance is incredibly realistic as well, and the details of the toy make it hard to tell apart from the real thing.

It also comes with a catnip pouch that helps keep cats stimulated and happy because of the scent. Catnip is known to relieve stress and depression.

The fish is made of durable and non-toxic plush. Which means it can last for a long time, even with the most playful of cats. The material makes it very easy to wash as well.

Charging it is no problem either. A USB cable is provided with the toy, and it is detachable from the fish. The charging port is kept behind a zipper on the belly of the fish.

The realistic fish will be a source of fun and joy for any number of cats. They may bite it, toss it around, and even scratch it. There is no other toy quite like this one.

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