Giant 42lb Feline Steals Hearts and Finds Home Instantly

Behold Patches, the king-sized feline who captured the hearts of many after a photo of him was posted on Facebook by the Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC). This incredible video features the story of the chonky cat who weighed a mind-boggling 42 pounds and desperately needed a loving home.

Despite his massive size, Patches is incredibly healthy, but the staff at RACC knew he needed to shed a considerable amount of weight to live his best life. A chart for overweight cats, known as the “chonk chart,” placed Patches in the “Oh Lord he comin'” category, which is the highest category for feline obesity.

The shelter was desperate to find Patches a new home, so they posted his picture on Facebook, hoping to find him a forever family. Within a few hours of sharing his photo, Patches became a viral sensation, with dozens of individuals reaching out to the shelter expressing interest in adopting him.

Patches’s new mom was quickly identified and eager to take on the challenge of getting him healthy. Before leaving the shelter, Patches’s new mom could not contain her joy and excitement, and she and the RACC staff posed for a heartwarming picture with the chubby cat.

Although Patches’s size made it difficult for his new mom to carry him out of the shelter, she was determined to give him the best life possible, and with the help of RACC’s prescribed healthy diet, they are on their way to a happier, healthier life together.

If you’re in need of a heartwarming story and want to witness the power of love and care, watch this remarkable video that features the transformation of Patches from an overweight shelter cat to a beloved family member. You will be amazed by the impact of love and care on the life of this furry feline.

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Giant 42lb Feline Steals Hearts and Finds Home Instantly