Giant Maine Coon Doesn’t Leave Baby’s Side In Inspiring Video

This massive kitty cat is bigger than the infant child that she’s sleeping beside. What a wonderful feline friend and protector to have at such a young age.

Milo is a Maine Coon cat that’s made very best friends with little baby Mia. The two are cuddled up beside each other and couldn’t be happier. Under the blankets, flat on her back, or right beside the baby, this cute cat sleeps just as a human would.

The baby’s mom reveals that Milo follows her little one around everywhere. No matter where baby Mia maybe, her loyal feline is found not far behind.

It took some time before this young one was accustomed to her kitty cat, but now that introductions are over, the two’s lives are firmly intertwined.

Giant Maine Coon Doesn\'t Leave Baby\'s Side In Inspiring Video