Girl’s laundry becomes a haven for cuddly prairie dogs seeking affection

Pablo and Pedro, two Prairie dogs, were rescued by a wonderful woman named Sarah. Their previous owners had no clue how to care for them, resulting in the duo being rehomed. Luckily, Sarah and her family took them in, providing them a loving home.

Despite being used to humans, the two pets had difficulty adjusting to their new surroundings and their new human friends. Initially, they were skittish, and Sarah even considered releasing them into the wild.

However, she knew they wouldn’t survive and sought advice from a vet who recommended keeping the cage in a central location in the house. This would allow the dogs to hear familiar voices.

Over time, the Prairie dogs began to warm up to their new mom and family. Sarah describes Pablo and Pedro as the most affectionate animals she’s ever met. They love to be cuddled and often disrupt her productivity, earning the nickname “productivity suckers.”

The duo’s favorite pastime is exploring the area and walking with their mom. Pablo, in particular, never leaves Sarah’s side, following her wherever she goes. Pedro, on the other hand, loves to be near her feet.

When Pablo and Pedro were not exploring the area, they often slept in Sarah’s laundry bag, just like they would in their natural habitat. The mom admits that caring for these animals requires a lot of work. However, she knows she made the right choice in taking them in.

Sarah believes that Prairie dogs are only for some and that their previous owners underestimated the effort required to care for them. Nevertheless, it’s heartwarming to see how much love and care Sarah gives to her furry companions.

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Girl\'s laundry becomes a haven for cuddly prairie dogs seeking affection