Golden Retriever’s Hilarious Reaction to Music when Stopped

In this digital age, it takes a remarkable story to stand out in the sea of content. Today, we bring you a heartwarming video that has captured the world’s attention, with a staggering 14 million views and counting. This is a story of a golden retriever named Bailey, and her profound love for her dad Drew Cole’s music.

Indeed, music transcends the barriers between species, as Bailey’s love for her dad’s tunes proves. This adorable duo, Drew and Bailey, have struck a chord in the hearts of millions, demonstrating the power of music and companionship.

Golden retrievers, renowned for their friendly and tolerant nature, are among the most beloved dog breeds in the United States. However, Bailey’s endearing antics reveal that there is one thing she cannot abide by – the music coming to a halt.

As the video gained traction, it unexpectedly catapulted Drew’s music career into the limelight. Subsequently, Drew competed on the popular show The Voice in its 14th season. Although he eventually departed the competition, his music journey continues, and he can now be found bartending in California.

The video in question, a delightful 1:21-minute clip, has truly captured the essence of Bailey and Drew’s special bond. When Drew stops playing his guitar, Bailey’s smile fades, and her head stops bobbing, replaced by a stern, disapproving expression. Yet, as the music resumes, so does her joyful demeanor.

Tragically, as with all dogs, Bailey has since passed away. Drew took to Facebook to share a heartfelt message about her impact on his life and her indelible mark on the world. Bailey’s spirit now resides in doggy heaven, forever bobbing her head to the rhythm of the music.

The head-bobbing, the love, and the laughter – all must be witnessed in the video below. Share this touching tale with your friends and family because it reminds us of the unique and powerful bond we can share with our beloved pets and their profound impact on our lives.

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Golden Retriever\'s Hilarious Reaction to Music when Stopped