Gorgeous goose with fluffy feathers cuddles up to a senior dog

Michelle adopted a special-needs baby goose, Blu, terrified of the other birds. The little one thought she was either a human or maybe a cat or a dog. Since childhood, she spent most of her time with her mom.

Blu was a very unique goose. Her leg was deformed when she hatched. As a result, the baby goose could not walk normally. However, Michelle fell in love with her immediately. As soon as she picked up Blu, she knew that the bird was going home with her.

Michele would carry Blu all around the house in a little basket. As long as the goose was with her, she was content. When Michelle adopted Blu, she decided to get her a prosthetic leg.

At first, Blu was not happy to walk around in the prosthetic leg, which Michelle knew was the little one’s personality. The bird never liked anything new. Finally, however, they made her a more durable prosthetic.

After which, Michelle used a clover, which was Blu’s favorite treat, to get her to walk toward her mom. That was when everything changed for Blu. She realized that this prosthetic was going to help her walk.

Since that day, there has been no looking back. However, she still preferred to stay indoors with her family. She started making friends with the cats and loved spending time with her mom’s senior dog, Oscar. Both of them enjoy their quiet time together.

Blu had many friends now, but her mom wanted to ensure that she had enrichment throughout her day. So, she trained the adorable goose to play with different toys. The little one absolutely adored the toys. Michelle’s other geese would invite Blu to join. Still, the bird never showed any interest as she never thought of herself as a goose. Blu had no desire to join them.

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Gorgeous goose with fluffy feathers cuddles up to a senior dog