When This Great Dane Circles Around A Poodle’s Bed, I Never Expected Him To Do THIS…

Just like people, dogs will grow attached to certain objects from their childhood. The only problem for this dog is that Great Danes grow up to be, well, great! This means they outgrow a lot of their belongings they have as a puppy. Many big dogs have faced this dilemma, but they all come to the same conclusion, and that is that even a tiny dog bed is better than no dog bed!

But this big pup doesn’t care. He still circles his tiny doggy bed as if he can fit. He walks around and around, and I can see he is trying to figure out this puzzle. It’s kind of like putting a square peg in a round hole.

Finally, this adorable dog gives up trying to figure it out and plops his half body down on it. His butt fits in the little pink dog bed, but that’s about all. It is too adorable watching this Great Dane. I am so sure that I could watch this all day long!

The owner must have laughed hysterically watching his dog do this. But, I sincerely hope that they have bought a nice big bed for him! At the end of the clip, we hear his human say, ‘Good boy,’ and I’m sure he is. He looks so sweet in his close up on camera.

Watch the video above and let us know how you felt about it. Share your experiences and your pet’s silly acts through comments below. Have a great day!

When This Great Dane Circles Around A Poodle\'s Bed, I Never Expected Him To Do THIS...