Groomer opens salon at night to aid severely matted stray dog in need

In the hush of night, there’s an old saying that sometimes, “The heart hears what the ears miss.” Kari Falla, a seasoned dog groomer, experienced this profound truth as she scrolled through her Facebook feed one evening. An unsettling post described a stray dog, wandering close to her Oviedo home in Florida, its fur so matted that a leash was lost within its tangled depths. This dog, it seemed, had experienced more than its share of misfortunes.

The images portrayed a dog in distress: fur clumped, fleas nesting, and a wretched smell surrounding him. Being a veterinarian in my younger days, I had seen similar cases where animals had been neglected, their spirits almost broken. Yet, Kari’s heart did not waver; she knew she had the tools and the heart to help.

Wasting no time, she contacted the kind soul who had discovered the dog. In a gesture that spoke of her immense dedication and love for animals, she offered to unlock her grooming salon, even at that late hour. Just as the town clock signaled the start of a new day, she welcomed this desperate canine, ready to offer a transformation.

The condition of the dog left her heart heavy. I remember a tabby I once treated whose fur was similarly matted. The weight and discomfort it can cause to the animal is often understated. Kari meticulously and lovingly worked, removing almost 20 to 25 pounds of fur. Beneath the weight and neglect emerged a creature reborn, though they soon discovered he was both blind and deaf. Naming him Lucky seemed apt, considering the odds he had braved.

Lucky’s story soon became the talk of Orlando, and the community poured out their support, offering donations to Kari’s shop. True to her selfless nature, Kari directed those funds to cover Lucky’s veterinary expenses. She stated, reminiscent of an old vet friend of mine, “Helping those in need is not a job, but a calling.” Her generosity didn’t stop there; she promised to groom Lucky for free for all his remaining years, ensuring he’d never face such neglect again.

Today, Lucky thrives in the love and care of the man who found him, playing joyfully with his new sibling, Chi Chi. Whenever I hear tales like this, I am reminded of the boundless compassion some humans have and the resilience of animals. They bounce back, often loving even more fiercely, teaching us to do the same.

Every animal has a story, and every human has the potential to change the trajectory of that story. Lucky’s journey from despair to love stands testament to this. Share his story, not just to inspire, but to remind everyone of the profound difference a little kindness can make. And if you ever come across an animal in need, always choose kindness. They, like Lucky, might just need their own midnight rescue.

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Groomer opens salon at night to aid severely matted stray dog in need