When He’s Sleeping, This Hummingbird Does The Absolute Strangest Thing

In addition to being one of the cutest and smallest creatures known to man, it’s not news that hummingbirds are absolutely incredible and logic-defying creatures. With a wing speed of 70 to 200 beats per second, the world’s tiniest bird is seemingly always on the go, at a very impressive pace! As active as they seem, however, there comes a time when the little birds need to take a nice, long rest.

That’s right! Hummingbirds sleep from time to time. They actually enter a hibernation-like state known as ‘torpor,’ giving them the chance to slow their metabolism up to one-fifteenth of its normal rate while also conserving up to 60 percent of their energy. Talk about a good night’s sleep! We should take notes from these loveable furry creatures! It’s truly quite amazing what these animals can do. It seems as though they surprise us every day! I know I never get tired of hearing about these awesome little birds.

If you thought that was incredible, wait until you hear this! While in their resting state, hummingbirds actually do something so beyond precious it’s hard to believe it’s real. Luckily, it was all caught on camera. Get ready for the most adorable news you’ve ever heard. As seen on BBC One’s Super Cute Animals, these cuties sometimes make it very clear when they’re focused on getting some shut-eye by doing one very special and all-too-familiar thing. They snore!

But listen closely when you watch this video, as you’re not expecting the incredibly cute sound that comes out of this little guy’s beak. It’s nothing like the sounds we humans make in our sleep. Our snoring tends to be annoying, but I could watch this little bird snore for hours on end! Share this adorable video with your friends and leave your comments on the cuteness down below!

When He\'s Sleeping, This Hummingbird Does The Absolute Strangest Thing