Horse And Dog Roll On The Ground. But Wait Till You See Who Is By Their Side…

Horses are the one of the friendliest animals on earth, probably coming second only to dogs. We have seen many videos about dogs and horses and humans getting along together, but I have never seen anything even remotely similar to what is featured in this clip! You are going to be in hysterics when you see this for yourself!

This video features a man and his adorable animal companions that are a horse and a dog. All three of them are lying on the ground. We can see them roll on their backs at the exact same time and then proceed to do something adorable together!

As you know, everyone likes a good back scratch sometimes, right? Especially animals who can’t reach certain spots, especially on their backs. Think about it. How is a horse supposed to scratch his own back? Rubbing against a fence only covers the sides, so horses love to roll on their backs for a good back scratch.

I don’t know if this man taught his horse and dog to do this at the same time when he did it, but it sure is funny to watch man, horse, and dog roll on their backs in the grass for a good back scratch. I wonder if he could teach them to scratch each other’s backs. It is fun hanging out with best friends, isn’t it? These three sure are having a good time.

Watch this adorable video above! Did this make you smile? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

Horse And Dog Roll On The Ground. But Wait Till You See Who Is By Their Side...