Her Horse Has Never Been In Water. When She Takes Him The First Time? I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

Like humans carry fear while experiencing things for the first time, animals too go through the same. Remember when you went to learn swimming for the first time, you surely were scared. The same case can be with animals too. The horse featured in this video is also feeling water for the first time.

The adorable horse seems to be very uncomfortable at first. Horses cannot measure the depth of water, partly because their eyes are on the side of their head, so they are often skittish around water until they get used to it or have a trusted owner with them. Some never adapt to being around water and others will learn to swim and never look back.

Her owner tries to comfort her and slowly takes her to the pond. But when the horse finally gets into the water, she comes up with the most hilarious reaction ever. This must be a relief to her owner who probably thought this was going to be a much more difficult process. Instead it turned out to be quite entertaining.

Once he’s in the water, the horse starts splashing the water and spreading it over her owner. I was delighted to see them playing this way. You will surely love to watch this wonderful video. This horse and owner have a special bond, and this horse trusted his owner enough to test the waters.

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Her Horse Has Never Been In Water. When She Takes Him The First Time? I Couldn\'t Stop Laughing!