This Huge, 106-Pound Dog Walks Up To An Older Person Andyou Won’t Believe The Reaction

Dogs can be amazingly kind and playful, but playful isn’t always good when they are around older people. But the benefits they provide to the elderly are endless.  Big dogs can sometimes seem intimidating, but many are just gentle giants. This is the case with Winston, a Great Pyrenees, who dedicates his time to visiting the elderly people living in a retirement home. This clip is proof of the positive effects dogs can have on the elderly.

Weighing in at over 100 pounds, Winston still can’t intimidate anyone because he’s just one of the sweetest, friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet. He has a big heart to go along with his big size and he’s very popular at the retirement home because of his calm manner and charismatic personality. He was born in Colorado, but when his owner passed away, he was returned to his breeder.

He was eventually adopted by a Texan named Cliford Spohr who wanted to make sure the elderly dog had comfortable, happy place to live in his old age. Cliford take Winston to visit people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and since he’s a professionally trained therapy dog, he’s very good at his job!

In the video above, you will see Winston enjoying his time at a retirement home, and it will just melt your heart! We need more people like Cliford who can help bring dogs like Winston to people that benefit from his company!

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This Huge, 106-Pound Dog Walks Up To An Older Person Andyou Won\'t Believe The Reaction