“Look Out! Kitten Toe Attack!! WATCH What Happens At the Very End. LOL!

Some kittens haven’t learned about this thing called “gravity”.

Meet our rescue kitten, Rory. He is just 2 months old in this video. We named him after the famous BBC Doctor Who Character, “Rory Pond” (officially, “Rory Williams”). Even if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re going to like this video.

This is a video of Rory’s second day with our family. You can see here in this video he has a thing with my toes. He just can’t figure out what those things are under the covers. LOL.

Much, much thanks to my good friend, Dawn Kavanaugh, who runs All About The Animals Rescue shelter in Arizona as well as Rory’s foster mother!

I’m a bit biased, but I think Rory is cute (and smart, despite his funny stunt antics). What do you think? Let me know below. I’d love to hear from you about your kittys!