This Video Has a Full Cast: Simba the Lion Cub, Monty the Dog, and Thumper the Rabbit

This video has a full cast: Simba, the lion cub, Monty the dog, and Thumper, the rabbit. And the are best playmates. Check out this adorable trio romping and playing together in this priceless clip.

Simba fell ill during the winter at Edinburg Zoo in Scotland when he was just 13-weeks-old, and so he was taken to the zookeeper’s home to recuperate. There he met Monty, the family dog, and quickly made friends. You can see in the clip Simba and Monty rough-housing on a bed and having a ball. These guys are great buddies.

Next, though, we see Simba playing and cuddling with Thumper, the resident rabbit. These two are adorable, hopping around the barn.

One of his carers says that Simba is very rambunctious and playful, but that can be a hazard in the morning when you first wake up and forget you have a lion cub in the house – you can get quite the fright. Happily, Simba recovered well, and they were expecting him to be back being the ‘mane’ attraction at the zoo.