Little bird sounds like a baby dinosaur

Cockatiels like the attention of someone who can pet and scratch them. They make screeching noises like a dinosaur to get their attention.

A colorful little cockatiel likes to have someone pet him and scratch his head. The bird makes a screeching noise like it’s a baby dinosaur.

The lady pets and comforts him while he molts. Feathers fly when he shakes his head. He bows his head so she will keep scratching.

Cockatiels act like their feathers itch when they molt. They pull on the ones they can reach. They molt a couple of times a year.

The lady pulls the orange feathers on the Cockatiel’s head back. Underneath, you can see his tiny little ears. The feathers keep the ears hidden.

The lady gives him a little seed for a treat. The bird looks happy as it eats its snack and shakes its head in approval.

Little bird sounds like a baby dinosaur