Little boy and his lost Pittie have the sweetest reunion

Tyler was surprised by his parents when he came home and was greeted by his Pittie, Bruiser, who had been lost for two months. The last time he saw Bruiser was on their family’s driveway.

Jamie, Tyler’s mom, started the search by driving around the neighborhood and handing out flyers to everyone she passed by. Every day when Tyler came home from school, he asked his mom if she had found Bruiser already.

Tyler cried for days because he missed Bruiser so much. He considered Bruiser to be his little brother. Bruiser used to wait by the refrigerator until he was given an ice cube.

In the morning, Bruiser would burst into Tyler’s room and jump onto his mattress and greet him. When Tyler went to the bathroom, Bruiser would always be outside the door standing guard.

Two months later, Highland’s County Animal Control called Tyler’s parents and told them they were sure they had Bruiser. If it wasn’t him, then it was an exact replica of the Pittie.

Tyler’s parents wanted to surprise him and record the tearful reunion. As soon as Tyler arrived home from school, Bruiser ran straight to him. Tyler dropped all his things and started hugging Bruiser.

Bruiser and Tyler were on the floor, and Tyler was crying tears of joy. They were so happy that everything was back to normal, and Tyler was finally with his little brother again.

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Little boy and his lost Pittie have the sweetest reunion