Loyal dog’s emotional journey of 10 miles back to the familiar arms of a shelter

No dog would want to live in a shelter forever. The goal has always been to live in a happy home full of love, not that shelters don’t give them that. But having a forever home is something a dog deprived of proper care would love to have. We have all seen those adorable videos of dogs excited to see an adoption card in their kennel. However, transitioning to a new home can also be stressful for dogs.

Yes, they do get excited about going to their new home, but it can be overwhelming for them, too. They have to get acquainted with many things, and when it triggers something in them, dogs tend to run and hide. A dog from the shelter finally got adopted, only to run away from home.

A three-year-old dog named Bailey was finally getting adopted after being with the Animal Rescue League of El Paso for quite a while. According to founder Loretta Hyde, Bailey was a happy dog but could also be a handful when she arrived. They enrolled her in obedience training, taking her only eight weeks to learn her manners. The training also helped her get adopted quickly.

Everybody loves an obedient dog, and people would prefer to adopt those already trained. Bailey ticked all the boxes. She moved to her new home 10 miles from the shelter, and everything went well until she ran away after a month. According to her owner, she got spooked when he was about to put a harness on her.

Maybe it triggered a traumatic experience for her, or perhaps she was scared of being introduced to this new thing – whatever it was, it caused her to run away as far as she could. Her owner and the strangers around tried to run after her. All that chasing must have scared her even more, so she ran as fast as she could until her owner couldn’t keep up. The owner called Loretta immediately, and they posted a lost dog notice on their Facebook page.

People kept calling the shelter to report sightings but were in different places. It seemed like Bailey was on the run, but where to? A few more reports, and it hit Loretta: the locations of those sightings created a pattern, and she knew where Bailey was heading. Bailey was heading back to the shelter.

Loretta had the strongest intuition that she was right, and she knew she was an intelligent girl; she would know her way back. True enough, at 1:52 A.M., Bailey appeared in front of the shelter’s ring camera. Loretta got a notification that someone was at the door. She called back to the camera’s speakers and called Bailey’s name, and poof! There she was! She looked hungry and thirsty, so the shelter responded to her needs immediately.

The shelter called Bailey’s owner to tell him she was safe. Bailey was returned home safely after she recovered to full health. Her owner bought her a GPS collar just in case she ran again and assured the shelter that the smart pup would be properly introduced to the leash and harness she would soon be wearing so she won’t be spooked again.

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Loyal dog\'s emotional journey of 10 miles back to the familiar arms of a shelter