Mama Horse Jumps Over The Wall. But Watch What Her Baby Does After Her…

The relationship that is formed between a mother and her child is one of the deepest and most important bonds that all beings on Earth ever experience. It represents the miracle of life, and how a new life form can come to be from another, who helps raise it and gives a part of themselves so that they can grow. The beautiful video above shows us a mother horse and her kin walking together on a farm in Texas. They are of the Paso Fino breed, and their beauty is stunning.

Right before they started recording this video, the little horse’s mother had made a jump over the stone wall that is seen on the side of the clip. It doesn’t seem hard at all, but for a young cold like the one in the video, it’s certainly scary to face a challenge like that for the first time.

Just as the little one is about to give up, his mother comes into the picture again and does the thing that moms never fail to do. She gives the example and does a perfect and graceful leap over the wall. She makes sure to show how you have to pick up speed and run for a bit before jumping. What an amazing horse mom!

Enjoy this beautiful clip above.

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Mama Horse Jumps Over The Wall. But Watch What Her Baby Does After Her...