Meet Pigcasso – The World’s First Painting Pig

Step aside Picasso, there’s a new abstract artist in town. And this heavyweight expressionist isn’t afraid to ham it up in front of the camera.

After being rescued from slaughter in May of 2016, this nearly 2,000-pound pig found a new calling. And all it took was a blank canvas and a few paint-drenched brushes.

While going by her stage name “Pigcasso,” this painting piggy has stunned art aficionados around the world with her never-before-seen technique. As the innovative prodigy demonstrates in this clip, all it takes is a snout-gripped brush and a few dignified head tosses to create a masterpiece.

And there’s no need to fret if you can’t catch her bubblegum pink “oink” studio on the road – simply head over to Farm Sanctuary S.A. located in South Africa to see where all the magic happens. But don’t expect to catch a glimpse of the master at work – Pigcasso currently does not deign to offer public demonstrations of her genius.

Meet Pigcasso - The World’s First Painting Pig