Nightly Checks by Dog for Toddler’s Safety

Having a pet is like adding an additional family member to the house, and they love to be a part of the family any way they can! Be it in doing chores (have you seen those dogs who go to the market?) or simply helping around the house, some pets do come in handy. It comes in their nature, and they are always eager to help (and please) their hooman.

One dog even went viral for being such a good girl. This is Kendall, and she fit into the Wright family very well. Emily and Davy Wright first adopted Tiger, who was spunky and playful. Later, they realized that he might need a playmate soon and thought of fostering one.

Kendall was a few hours from being put down, and the couple knew they had to save her. They got her out of the shelter and drove her home. The moment she went out running on their driveway, they were sold.

She had her quirks – Kendall was initially quite destructive, leaving a trail of disarray in her wake. However, things took a turn for the better as she grew closer to Tiger. The two became inseparable, and their bond only deepened with time.

But the biggest turning point was when Emily found out she was pregnant. Kendall’s protective instincts seemed to heighten. She would cuddle next to Emily, even touching her tummy as if to greet the little one growing inside. And as soon as Austin, the baby, was born, Kendall became his steadfast companion.

During Austin’s tummy time, Kendall would gently lie beside him, playing in a way that revealed her understanding of his fragility. The heartwarming connection between the two caught Emily’s attention through the baby camera.

The camera revealed Kendall’s attentive nature, as she regularly checked up on Austin. She would enter his room multiple times, making sure he was sleeping soundly. In one adorable moment, Austin woke up and allowed Kendall to sleep beside him, capturing a truly heart-melting scene. This touching video spread like wildfire across dog-loving communities, touching the hearts of many.

Kendall’s bond with Austin grew so strong that he even found a way to keep her close during school hours. He carried a stuffed dog that resembled Kendall to school, ensuring he always had a piece of her with him.

Kendall’s journey from a seemingly destructive pup to a loving and caring companion proved to Emily and Davy that adopting her was the best decision they ever made. Through the lens of Kendall’s story, we’re reminded that the love and loyalty of a pet can make a profound impact on our lives, nurturing connections that go beyond words.

So, share this heartwarming story with your friends and family. Let Kendall’s tale inspire you to cherish the bonds you share with your furry friends and consider adopting a shelter pet to create your very own tale of compassion and connection.

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Nightly Checks by Dog for Toddler\'s Safety