She Was Homeless, She Was Elderly: A Shelter Dog Finds Love

She Was Homeless, She Was Elderly : A Shelter Dog Finds Love

When your heart is truly open to anything, amazing things can happen. Our lives can change in completely unexpected ways at any moment. If we embrace those changes, they might just prove to be some of the happiest of surprises.

In this video, we see the story of how two lives changed in a completely positive way. The young man featured in this clip found friendship in a way many people would not have anticipated. He found his new best friend in Stella, an elderly and forgotten dog who was available for adoption.

Seeing them enjoying their new friendship is quite moving. You can really sense the bond they have when they are playing together. You can feel how happy both of them are, fighting over a stick, giving each other high fives, and cuddling. The inspiring footage of these happy friends enjoying the fresh air out in nature really makes you want to go out and adopt a pet and save a life.

Most of us live with preconceived notions about what our future lives will look like. We expect our lives to unfold in some way we have planned. And yet, life has a way of constantly surprising us.

If we learn to embrace the unpredictable twists and turns life has in store for us, we might learn that change can be a beautiful thing. For both Stella and her human dad, their lives changed for the better after they met.

She Was Homeless, She Was Elderly: A Shelter Dog Finds Love