She Notices Her Dogs Sleeping In Their House, Turns On The Camera And Gets A Hilarious Surprise

We cherish our pets for all the love and companionship we share with them. But they can also be wonderful sources of comic relief. Their antics and antics-gone-wrong leave us laughing, sometimes rolling on the floor, right there with them. Cat videos may dominate the internet, but it must be said that dogs possess nearly boundless comedic talent. Dogs are always getting into something, including trouble. But even when they’re bad, they still manage to melt our hearts.

One especially beloved breed of dog is the Basset Hound. These long, floppy, short-legged dogs were originally bred for hunting rabbit and hare. Their sense of smell is unbelievably acute, even by the already high standards of dogs in general. Nowadays your typical Basset Hounds leads a far less strenuous life as a domestic pet. They tend to be docile, gentle, friendly, and playful. They usually get along well with children and other pets. There’s a lot to like; even their droopy faces can be thoroughly endearing.

Gretchen Hoey has five, count ’em five, Basset Hounds in her home. Hers are quite well behaved so they don’t provide much entertainment by getting into trouble. However, as you’ll see in the video we’ve posted below, they can still be very, very funny. One day, she noticed that all five of them had crammed into a single Dogloo and were snoozing away happily. Fortunately, she had her phone with her and started recording. When she got a little closer, the dogs woke up and came out of the Dogloo one by one. It isn’t a particularly big dog house and you’re left wondering how they were able to squeeze in there. How did they decide who was on the bottom of the pile? We have no idea, but it’s absolutely adorable.

We’ve posted the video for you below. You’ve got to see them filing out of there like clowns from a car.

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She Notices Her Dogs Sleeping In Their House, Turns On The Camera And Gets A Hilarious Surprise