One of a kind Husky’s long journey to find his perfect family

Imperfections are not inadequacies; they remind us that we’re all a work in progress.” As a veteran veterinarian, I’ve seen a myriad of animals, each with its quirks, imperfections, and unique tales. I fondly remember a golden retriever with a birthmark on his face. To some, it might have been a blemish. But to the owner, it was a mark of distinction, something that set him apart from other dogs. And today, we’ll dive into another heartwarming tale that paints a similar picture, the story of Harvey, the Husky.

Out of countless puppies born each year, only about 10% are fortunate enough to find loving homes. The harsh reality is that many end up on the streets or in shelters, with hopes dwindling every passing day. Harvey was one such dog, bearing a lopsided grin due to a past injury. This facial deformity, a result of a bite when he was just a pup, had him often overlooked in the shelter. But little did Harvey know, his life was about to take a turn.

One day, nestled in a shelter in San Diego, California, Harvey’s photograph appeared online, showing a plea for a loving home. This image melted the hearts of the Lankston family in Seattle, Washington. They felt an immediate connection, sensing that Harvey was destined to be a part of their clan. Without hesitation, they embarked on a six-day, 2,600-mile journey to meet this special Husky. Their other pet dog, River, and Harvey clicked instantly, a bond seemingly crafted by the stars.

But there was one more introduction pending – meeting Sherry’s husband. Although busy with work, he took a flight to San Diego just to see the dog that had captured his family’s hearts. Harvey, sensing a kindred spirit, immediately leaned into the man, sealing the bond. The paperwork was quickly done, and the road trip back to Seattle began, a journey filled with promise and new beginnings.

Behind the scenes at the shelter was Joy Ollinger, who had witnessed Harvey’s struggles firsthand. Working at the San Diego County Department of Animal Services, she had become very attached to Harvey, often comforting him during his low moments. But as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. Joy saw the Lankston family and realized that they were the rainbow after Harvey’s storm. It was clear they wouldn’t see his imperfection as a flaw but as a unique feature that added to his charm.

Now, Harvey is reveling in the love and warmth of his new family. Playing with River and frolicking with four cat siblings, his days are filled with joy and contentment. And as I often reflect upon in my years as a veterinarian, every animal deserves such love, irrespective of their appearance or quirks.

For those contemplating adding a furry member to their family, remember Harvey’s story. Look beyond the superficial, for in those depths, you might find a heart of gold. And if you want to see more of Harvey and his wonderful family, there’s a video capturing their beautiful journey. Do share this story with others. Let’s spread the message that every animal deserves a loving home, no matter how “imperfect” they might seem.

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One of a kind Husky\'s long journey to find his perfect family