Orphaned foal finds comfort in a teddy bear

Breeze is a tiny orphaned foal who found comfort by cuddling the giant teddy bears given to him in his pen. He was staying at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary.

The rescuers of Breeze found him at Dartmoor National Park, wandering around after he had been born. His mother was nowhere in sight, and he was stumbling around on his own.

When Breeze was retrieved, he collapsed and suffered from shock and severe dehydration. It was a sorry sight and a difficult first day for the newborn foal.

Thankfully the Mare and Foal Sanctuary dedicated everything they could to help Breeze. He lacked the necessary things he needed from his mother, but they provided them for him.

Breeze received antibiotics, food, attention, love, and lots of teddy bears. Volunteers at the sanctuary usually give stuffed toys to any orphaned animals who need companionship. A giant bear is what Breeze needed.

It was sad to see Breeze without his mom, but he found comfort in the massive teddy bear that stayed with him. He fell asleep in the bear’s lap and rested well.

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Orphaned foal finds comfort in a teddy bear