Patrons Come To Greek Café And See A Very Unique Sight: Stray Dogs Inside. How Heartwarming!

Can you imagine going to a café and having a dog sit next to you? I’m not making any derogatory statements about members of either gender, too. I’m talking about having an actual pooch sidle up next to your seat while you’re sipping on the beverage of your choice. That happened to the patrons at a café in Greece called Hott Spott. It’s on the island of Lesbos and they did it to help the dogs stay warm on a very cold day.

What enabled the owner to do something like this is that the island community is starting to become much more socially conscious and wanting to help people and animals. This was a no-brainer for the owner and those who frequent the café. Seeing all these dogs laying there, just wagging their tails in ecstasy must have made their day. These stays deserve a place to stay and this was the perfect combination.

This brings up the thorny issue of whether the café should do something about homeless people, too. That’s a bit much to presume, since we don’t know if Hott Spott does, indeed, do something else for those who are without homes. The owner did speak of social responsibility, so it might not be out of the realm of possibility that there might be a program in place to shoulder the load.

The pooches that we see in the video are very lucky, indeed. For a day, at least, they don’t have to worry about trying to find shelter during a frigid day. Though it makes me wonder if they are going to crowd the doors on other days, too. Hopefully, this goodwill gesture won’t backfire ” as they are sometimes prone to do. Hott Spott’s owner can rest easy for that night, though, knowing that she did some good.

Have you seen anything like this? I’m not speaking of dog- or cat-themed restaurants, either. What did you see? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

Patrons Come To Greek Café And See A Very Unique Sight: Stray Dogs Inside. How Heartwarming!