Pit Bull helps her mom take care of the rescue animals

When Charli Sotiriou decided to start rescuing animals other than dogs, she was unsure how it would be. What she did not expect was that she would receive help from her Pit Bull, Cali.

Cali had always been sweet and compassionate, but she took that to the next level when Charli adopted a group of orphaned ducklings. As soon as she met them, the Pit Bull decided she was their mom.

Knowing that Cali would be there to help her, Charli felt more confident about adopting other animals. “She just made it so much easier to take care of all these babies that need help,” said Charli.

Not long after the ducks arrived, Charli received a call from a friend about a pair of piglets, Flick and Flower. The two baby pigs were terrified of humans, but Charli knew they would be in good hands.

With the piglets, Cali was just as open and loving. “I call her mother of all animals because she is just incredible with babies,” said Charli. “From day one, she has let them cuddle her, nurse on her and smush her.”

Cali was integral in helping the baby pigs understand that they were safe. “She taught them love and affection and most of all, trust,” said Charli. With the Pit Bull’s help, the babies went from being scared and anxious to open and joyful.

Even when the pigs outgrew her, Cali never stopped treating them like her babies. “Cali is by far the best mum I’ve ever seen,” said Charli. “If it wasn’t for Cali, I don’t think I would have started a sanctuary.”

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Pit Bull helps her mom take care of the rescue animals