Pit Bull Walks Towards A Giant Horse And Does THIS. I Still Can’t Believe What I Saw

The internet is full of many adorable animal videos. We have seen different types of unusual animal friends and the pair featured below is no exception. This duo is no doubt going to steal your heart right out of your chest with their love for each other!

Meet Herbie and Jabby. Herbie is a cute little pit bull and Jabby is a magnificent standard-bred horse. Herbie often takes time out to visit his best friend. He is quite tiny compared to the huge Jabby, but their differences hardly matter when they hang out together. Jabby’s reaction to Herbie’s visit is something else entirely! He is so gentle and accommodating to the small pooch. It is quite clear that they really adore one another!

Jabby is in his stall, but only a small rope stops him from walking out into the stable. Jabby comes to see him and his tail is wagging furiously! He’s a cute little white pit bull puppy with lots of energy. But he calms down and sits when Jabby puts his head down and nuzzles him and just rests his head on the puppy. It’s adorable.

When Jabby stands up, the puppy goes crazy again, jumping up and down, trying to reach his best friend who is, well, just way too tall. But pretty soon Jabby comes back down to puppy level. The song ‘Puppy Love’ is playing throughout the video. It’s so fitting. This is a true case of puppy love.

Watch this adorable video above! What did you think about this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Pit Bull Walks Towards A Giant Horse And Does THIS. I Still Can\'t Believe What I Saw