Prairie dogs greet favorite humans with ear-piercing ‘yahoos’

Sarah, an endearing lover of creatures, often narrates the heartwarming tales of her furry family members. Among her most cherished are Pablo and Pedro, the two prairie dogs who have added a touch of magic to her mornings. Every dawn, as the sun sprinkles its first golden rays, Sarah is greeted by a joyous “Yahoo!” from these pint-sized chatterboxes. Their uplifting call, as if expressing gratitude for another day with their beloved human family, sets the mood for what lies ahead.

Pablo and Pedro haven’t always been part of Sarah’s clan. Their journey began under the care of another family who, unfamiliar with the nuances of prairie dog husbandry, decided to relinquish them. Since these charming rodents had grown accustomed to human camaraderie, they couldn’t simply re-enter the wilderness. Their fate led them to Sarah’s nurturing household, where their voices have since echoed with warmth and thankfulness.

Morning salutations aren’t the only tokens of their affection. These prairie dogs are embodiments of sheer love. “It’s not enough to just lay beside you. They need to be on you,” Sarah chuckles. She affectionately dubs them “productivity suckers” as they ensnare her in endless cuddling sessions, making her usual tasks seem secondary.

If the duo feels momentarily ignored, they perfect the art of the ‘look’. One gaze from them, and the humans are back to caressing their velvety fur. These little masters, with their infectious spirit, have charmed everyone to dance to their tunes. While Sarah and her family initially hesitated to welcome them, doubting their own prairie dog expertise, they took the plunge. And life was never the same.

Taking care of prairie dogs is not for the faint-hearted. As Adrienne Kruzer points out, these creatures require ample time, energy, and financial commitment. They thrive in an environment brimming with social interactions. Recognizing their inherent nature, Sarah smartly positioned their enclosure in the home’s epicenter, ensuring they were always amidst the hustle and bustle. With their keen senses tuned into the world around, they found solace in familiar voices and faces.

Their human-like routine is a source of amusement. Active by day and resting at night, Pablo and Pedro have made a cozy abode amidst blankets and in clothes hampers. Burrowing comes naturally to them, and Sarah’s home offers plenty of opportunities for them to indulge in this instinct. Whether snuggling with Sarah during movie nights or comforting her during sick days, these two never miss an opportunity to shower their love. Sarah even discovered the joy of tucking them into her hoodie, providing a haven where they peacefully snooze, given she pets them now and then.

These two adorable prairie dogs are more than pets; they are a testament to the profound bonds that humans can share with animals. To truly witness their captivating antics, dive into their world through the linked video.

Every animal has its own story, waiting to be heard. If you’re moved by Pablo and Pedro’s tale, share their story far and wide. Let’s inspire others to embrace the wonders of the animal kingdom, and if looking for pets, always remember: adopt, don’t shop.

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Prairie dogs greet favorite humans with ear-piercing \'yahoos\'