Rare Horse Is Born In America. Wait Until You See What Both Her And Her Half-Brother Look Like

It’s amazing what Mother Nature can do. The mixes are almost endless, and seeing rare animals with special markings can just take your breath away. They may have different colors or coats or appearances.

It’s fascinating what nature can come up with. Take a look at this video of one very special horse and her half-brother to see what I’m talking about. I’m also sure they are very expensive.

We see a horse named Lady Nadira, which means “rare” in Swahili. That name is right on the mark, since she has very distinguishing features … black spots all over her body like she got splashed with a bucket of paint! She is quite striking to look at. She looks like this because she’s, according to the video, a mix between Bay Haflinger and Gypsy Cross.

Nadira is a very unusual horse. Her and her half-brother, Lord Xalvador, who, according to the video, is the only one of two spotted Gypsians that were birthed by a baroque Friesian mare. People who really know horses will understand what I just typed!

Her brother, Lord Xalvador, which means “Savior” in Spanish, are very unusual-looking horses with their spotted colors. The video says she will be a beach pony and a pleasure driver. I did not know what those terms meant until I looked them up!

A pleasure driver is a horse that pulls people in a cart. I wouldn’t mind sitting in a cart that’s being pulled by Nadira. She’s also going to be a competitor in extreme cowboy races,… so they will be keeping her busy.

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