Pregnant Boxer Wouldn’t Give Birth Until She Knew Her Pups Would Be Safe

Pregnant Boxer Wouldn't Give Birth Until She Knew Her Pups Would Be Safe

Animal rescue workers are constantly encountering new and unexpected situations. They have come to learn that dealing with surprises is just part of the job. They are constantly encountering all kinds of different animals from all kinds of different situations. Some have been abused. Some have been neglected, and some are just in desperate need of a home. These poor and desperate animals need real love, attention, and affection. Whatever these workers encounter, the work that they do is incredibly important and serves a need that doesn’t get nearly the attention from society that it deserves.

When these rescue workers rescued this boxer dog named Mireya, they knew that they had come just in time. They could tell very clearly that this was a dog in desperate need of attention and care. It was exactly the kind of situation that they had trained and prepared for. However, upon closer examination, they were surprised to see something that none of them had expected at all. What happened next was incredible.

After taking a closer look, these workers realized that Mireya was not alone. In fact, Mireya was pregnant and about to have a new litter of puppies. It was clear that she was not going to give birth until she finally felt it was safe for her puppies to be born.

What was caught on video was truly incredible and so beautiful to watch. These puppies are so unbelievably cute, and Mireya couldn’t be happier. It is clear from seeing this and hearing her story that Mireya is going to be a wonderful and loving mother. See for yourself this incredible moment caught on video.


Pregnant Boxer Wouldn\'t Give Birth Until She Knew Her Pups Would Be Safe