Senior deaf dog pleads for a home after spending 653 lonely days in shelter

Snoopy’s story is one that reaches deep into the soul, beckoning us to remember that age and physical limitations don’t define the spirit. Within the walls of the Kennewick shelter, or the Ben Franklin Humane Society, resides a nearly deaf elderly dog named Snoopy. This brave pup has spent an astonishing 653 days yearning for a forever home.

Julie, a warm-hearted graphic designer hailing from Washington state, has come to know Snoopy’s resilience intimately. Her volunteer work at the shelter has woven their stories together. Over time, she has witnessed the highs and lows of Snoopy’s life, from his initial surrender to the shelter to his diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease. This ailment has taken a toll on his vision and hearing. Yet, even in his silent world, Snoopy finds solace in the simple joys, like sucking on blankets and toys, a gesture of self-comfort.

Despite the veil of age and disease, Snoopy’s effervescence is infectious. Humans adore him, even though he prefers to be the only dog. When the kennel door opens, his joy knows no bounds. He isn’t searching for grand adventures; the simple warmth of the sun and the presence of a caring person are enough for him.

The community around this shelter has not been blind to Snoopy’s charm. Donations and gifts, including an orthopedic bed, flow in, adding comfort to his days. Another heart touched by Snoopy’s journey is Sydney, a devoted shelter worker who unapologetically claims him as her favorite.

However, life isn’t without its challenges. The road to adopting a senior dog, especially one with Snoopy’s health conditions, is paved with hesitation. The expenses related to Cushing’s Disease can be daunting. Potential adopters often grapple with the fear of bonding with a pet who might only be around for a short period. Julie herself wishes she could give him a home, but her own two dogs make it an impossibility.

There were glimmers of hope when Snoopy was placed in foster care, but that arrangement ended, sending him back to the confines of the shelter. Out of his entire stay, only one family showed real interest, and another never followed through on a meet-and-greet.

Yet, Snoopy’s unyielding hope is what stands out. The challenges faced by elderly and special needs dogs in shelters are many, but stories like Snoopy’s emphasize the boundless love they can bring to our lives. His unwavering spirit serves as a testament to the power of hope, resilience, and the potential for new beginnings.

For every person reading this, let Snoopy’s tale be a beacon, inspiring us to welcome into our lives animals who, in spite of their challenges, overflow with love. Let us remember: every creature, no matter their age or ailment, deserves a loving home.

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Senior deaf dog pleads for a home after spending 653 lonely days in shelter