A Small Boy Meets A Gorilla In The Zoo. You Won’t Believe What The Ape Did NEXT!

This video is just absolutely gorgeous! While he was on a visit to the Columbus Zoo with his family, a little toddler named Isaiah, of just 2 years old, was having a blast watching all the animals. He was amazed by each one that he saw, and there was a gorilla who particularly caught his attention.

He was psyched to see a gorilla from such a short distance and even rushes to him to get a better look. But I bet neither him nor anyone in his family expected to see what happened next. It’s great that they had the camera ready for this! The name of the stunning gorilla is Kamoli, and when he sees the little boy climbing up close to see him, he decides to play along with him.

Kamoli notices that the boy is behind a pillar that blocks him from the view, so he cleverly gets right up behind it. After noticing how the cute little toddler reacted, they started playing the most adorable game of peek-a-boo you will ever see. Kamoli is thrilled to play with the little boy, and he keeps chasing him around to amuse him, resulting in the funniest zoo moment you will ever see.

You can watch this amazing animal interaction in the video above. And don’t forget to share it on Pinterest if you loved it!

A Small Boy Meets A Gorilla In The Zoo. You Won\'t Believe What The Ape Did NEXT!