Soldier Dad and Emotional Dog Reunited After 7 Months

It’s a moment guaranteed to warm your heart’s cockles. A moment that proves that there is no bond quite like that between a dog and its human. It’s the video that has captured the hearts of dog lovers everywhere, and it’s easy to see why.

The video, shared on Facebook’s Dogspotting Society by April Andrade, features her husband, Cameron Andrade, returning home from a 7-month military deployment. As Cameron gets out of his car, the couple’s miniature Australian shepherd, Brody, dashes into the yard, barking and yapping.

At first, Brody seems confused, believing Cameron to be an intruder. But then he realizes who the man on his front drive is, and in a flash of fur, he dives at Cameron, yapping and barking with excitement. It’s a heartwarming moment that proves how strong the bond between a dog and its human can be.

Dogs are loyal, protective animals, and it’s clear that Brody had been eagerly waiting for his human to return home. And while he might not have understood where his dad had gone or why he had left, he never forgot about him.

The video has since gone viral, with thousands of likes and comments from dog lovers all over the world. People have been tagging their friends and family members, sharing the heartwarming moment with everyone they know.


Watching the video, it’s hard not to feel a little emotional. It’s a reminder that the bond between a dog and its human is unbreakable, even in the most challenging circumstances. And it’s a reminder that, no matter how long you’ve been apart, the love between you will always remain.

So if you’re looking for heartwarming joy in your day, check out the video. And remember to share it with your friends and family because everyone deserves to experience the joy of a dog’s love. Because when it comes to dogs, there’s something so incredibly wonderful and wholesome about how they love us unconditionally.

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Soldier Dad and Emotional Dog Reunited After 7 Months