Swimming-loving tiny cow takes a ride on dad’s jet ski

Life has a way of teaching us lessons in the most unexpected of places. For example, have you ever heard of a cow that loves to swim and go on jet ski adventures? Let me share a delightful story from my days as a veterinarian.

Meet Oliver Dale, affectionately known as “Ollie”. This isn’t your ordinary cow. He’s a mini cow, specifically of the Dexter breed, a type of cattle originally from Ireland. These cute little fellows stand about 34-46 inches tall. Ollie, in particular, has a fondness for the water that’s unlike any bovine I’ve ever known.

Amber and Teddy, Ollie’s human parents, discovered this unique passion of his during a family swim on a sweltering day. Ollie, seemingly out of the blue, took a bold leap into the water, swimming straight to Teddy. Floating around, he found companionship with his dog siblings, Huck and Chewy. When tired, he’d simply lay his head on Teddy’s shoulder, seeking solace in his warm embrace.

This delightful behavior didn’t end with just swimming. Ollie’s inquisitiveness is, without a doubt, shaped by his dog brothers. Amber recalls, “The dogs always go on the boat every trip. So, it just made sense to take him [Ollie] to the boat dock and see if he would go on it.” Sure enough, Ollie ambled onto the boat, filled with curiosity. One can only imagine the sight of a mini cow gazing at the water’s splash, with the wind rustling his fur, as he enjoyed the boat ride.

And then came the jet ski incident. After watching his brother Chewy zip around on it, Ollie decided he wanted a piece of the action. With a heart full of courage, he swam up to the jet ski, clambered on, and simply sat there, looking as regal as any cow ever could. Teddy remarked how Ollie seemed perfectly at home, waiting patiently as the world went by.

Now, every tale from my veterinary days carries a message, and Ollie’s story is no different. It reminds us that life’s true joys come from embracing the unexpected and learning to find happiness in the simplest of things, like the splash of water or the wind against our face. And in Ollie’s case, also munching on some human food!

But the most beautiful part of this story is the bond between Teddy and Ollie. On days that are heavy and burdensome, Teddy finds solace in Ollie’s gentle nature. “Ollie is just full of love, life, character,” Teddy reflected. “He’s my little hero.”

For all the animal lovers out there, remember to cherish every unique moment with your furry (or in this case, fluffy) friends. They have a way of teaching us about love, life, and the unexpected. If you’re ever feeling down, think of Ollie and his water adventures. And if his story warmed your heart, do spread the joy and share it with your friends and family.

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Swimming-loving tiny cow takes a ride on dad\'s jet ski