The cutest cat is obsessed with his small love bird

Rachell has a bird named Chicken who is so obsessed with cats, and she would say that her bird is a cat person. It started when Rachell adopted Chicken.

Shortly after getting Chicken, Rachell heard about Frank, a fully-grown fluffy cat. Frank’s foster mom said he loved watching the bird channel, and Rachell didn’t know if that was good or bad.

Frank and Chicken instantly became best friends. At one point, Chicken was always on Frank’s collar. Rachell had never seen anything like it before, and it mainly was Chicken’s doing.

Then Rachell got another cat at the shelter, and his name was Pugsley. It took two days for Pugsley to become friends with Chicken. Frank, Chicken, and Pugsley became a bonded trio.

Unfortunately, Frank got really sick, and Chicken was worried about him. After losing Frank, Pugsley and Chicken leaned on each other as they mourned together. Rachell thought everything would fall apart, but Pugsley and Chicken stayed strong.

Pugsley and Chicken don’t seem to understand or even care that they are different animals. Chicken always wants to be near Pugsley and play with the same toys.

Rachell often finds Pugsley inside Chicken’s bird cage while Chicken is the one outside of it. Chicken is like many people who cannot live without her cats.

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The cutest cat is obsessed with his small love bird