The sweetest Alpaca refused to leave his sick best friend’s side

Bobbert the Alpaca was sick and recovering, so his best friend Cash, another Alpaca, took it upon himself to be his bodyguard. Wendy Taylor, the Founder of West Place Animal Sanctuary, shared their story.

When Bobbert wasn’t feeling well, he was taken to a stall, and Cash stayed there with him. Bobbert lost control of his tail and his back legs.

The vet came and diagnosed Bobbert with a meningeal worm. The treatment would take five days, and it was a stringent process. Cash was always there watching over Bobbert when they gave him the medicine.

On the fifth day after treatment, it was time to see how Bobbert was doing. He walked out of the stall door and took wobbly steps with his legs far apart to brace himself.

Bobbert roamed around to give himself physical therapy, and Cash was always nearby. They went around the animal trails and several of the grazing pastures. Bobbert was starting to become himself again.

Cash wanted to protect Bobbert, and he wouldn’t let anyone near to touch him. When they tried to take photos or videos of Bobbert, Cash would block the view of any lens he could find.

Slowly but surely, Bobbert’s tail was working again. His eyes were wide and bright, and his original self had returned. Bobbert and Cash never left each other’s sides.

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The sweetest Alpaca refused to leave his sick best friend’s side