These Twins Share Some Marshmallows. Their Reaction? This Is PRICELESS

Marshmallows are awesome! You can laze around with them in a campfire, make s’mores, toast them, skewer them, or do whatever you want. When I was a kid, we used to see how many we could stuff in our mouth, but that got kind of gross sometimes, but it sure was fun! The list of possibilities is exciting and endless when it comes to marshmallows!

Adults love these treats too. Marshmallows are consistently whipped sugar candies to be precise, so don’t even get me started about how much kids like them. Marshmallows have become the number one famous sweet for many of us. I think that is certainly true for these twins.

These twins appear to be about one year old, and one of them finds the marshmallows in the pantry. She hands them to mom, who has a bowl waiting for them. The twins very politely sit down and wait for mom to put a few into the bowl, and then the proceed to eat them one by one! They have very good manners!

But the funny part is how excited one of the twins gets every time she eats a marshmallow. Her eyes light up, she claps her hands, and the smile on her face is adorable! What’s also funny is that the dog in the background is just lying there, not even tempted by marshmallows. He looks so tired. I think these twins must wear him out. LOL!

Watch this video to see what this pair off twins does to a hefty amount of marshmallows. What do you think? Please let us know in the comments section below!

These Twins Share Some Marshmallows. Their Reaction? This Is PRICELESS