Precious Poodle Runs To Infant’s Aid When Noisy Blow Dryer Turns On

Precious Poodle Runs To Infant's Aid When Noisy Blow Dryer Turns On

I’ve always known that dogs are a lovable bunch, and they are known to be the protectors of heart and home, but this video just goes to show their protective nature. When this dog hears the sound of the blow dryer and thinks the baby of the house is in danger, the dog does something that just melts the parents’ hearts. Awwww!

Dogs are protective of their humans, but this one really jumps to the rescue of the tiny human. When the blow dryer starts, the dog gets concerned at the loud noise, and not knowing what to expect, the pooch jumps to the rescue of the infant lying on the floor.

The baby is happily gurgling away, oblivious to any supposed danger. Watch how the dog shields the baby by covering the infant with his own body. This is heroism in its basic nature, one which highlights the special bond between human and dog.

The dog may not know what the danger is, but the sound is quite intimidating, so he rushes to protect the baby from the unknown. This is a great video to start your day and definitely emphasizes why dogs and humans get along so well. They’re simply so adorable.

This heartwarming display of love and care hoes to show that the baby already has a best friend, who has her best interests at heart. I loved this video simply because it shows the special bond humans and dogs have. Can you guess I’m a dog lover? Check out this sweet interaction in the video below.

Precious Poodle Runs To Infant\'s Aid When Noisy Blow Dryer Turns On