Video of mom caring for an orphaned baby hummingbird is too sweet

This video begins with the caption, “My mom is caring for a hummingbird that was left by its mom on her door plant.” Behind the text, we can see the door plant mentioned above. Sitting on it is the tiny baby bird.

The camera pans out, really emphasizing how small the bird is. It looks like it’s only a few inches tall, and you can barely see it from afar. As the video explains, @v.koral’s mom brought the branch inside and has taken care of the little bird since.

So far, the bird has been receiving a steady diet of sugar water. The “bird food” is fed onto its tiny tongue with a handheld dropper. This little birdie has been a blessing in the house for the past 15 days. All of its needs are being taken care of by its new mom.

Standing on a small twig that “Mom” holds, the baby seems completely comfortable in its new environment. Of course, it doesn’t spend all its time being carried around. “Mom” has also provided it with a nest in a box.

Although the little bird hasn’t managed to fly yet, “Mom” is using a suspended mini-branch to try and help it learn. Not to worry, though: her hand is right under it in case it falls, so the learning process is completely safe.

“Mom” had noticed the little baby bird seemed cold. Taking immediate action, she called her sister to get advice on how to make it a tiny nest out of wool.

It may not be its natural environment, but it seems like our little hummingbird friend is in good hands with new “Mom.” 15 days down, and many more happy days to come.


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Video of mom caring for an orphaned baby hummingbird is too sweet