Warmhearted Cat Takes in Abandoned Hedgehog Babies

Both young people and young animals need to feel a sense of security as they’re growing up. It can be nearly impossible to raise yourself if you don’t know how to use the resources around you properly.

A group of hedgehog babies had lost their mother to an unfortunate accident. They were in rough shape when they were found but luckily were given a second chance at a life where they could become healthy and able.

The eight adorable hedgehogs had no access to food or shelter until they were brought to the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia. The zoo was home to a cat named Masya that recently had a litter of babies herself.

Thankfully, the kind feline had extra milk to help nurse the hungry hedgehogs back to health. Masya immediately laid down and welcomed the adorable critters. Now, the growing rescues are happier and healthier than ever before.

After a group of hedgehogs was left without food, water, or shelter, they were taken to a local zoo. There they were able to nurse milk from a loving cat named Masya and grew up to be happy and healthy. #Babies #Cats #Hedgehogs