Weird Alert, This Is Too Bizarre To Describe But We Can’t Leave This Blank, Can We?

Dogs have been known to do a lot of things to either get their human’s attention or generally take on the personality of their human. If they have a happy human, they are generally happy too and vice versa. I’m guessing his human loves to dance or loves music, but this video certainly affirms that guess.

I love the way Grandma Tillie enthusiastically plays her accordion to the tune of Beer Barrel Polka. Even weirder, watch what Nathan the dog does when he hears the music playing! This is absolutely adorable!

I think all of us need this joy and enthusiasm that this hairless dog exhibits. However, even if we act like Nathan, I’m sure wearing some sort of clothing would be mandatory ” dancing naked could be frowned upon by many. LOL.

I would suggest waiting until you see the cute grandma giggling in the end. It’s a little contagious if you ask me ” I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear! What did you think of this video? Care to let us know? Send in your thoughts in the comments section below.

Weird Alert, This Is Too Bizarre To Describe But We Can\'t Leave This Blank, Can We?