World’s Most Adorable Pomeranian Becomes King Of The Playground

A strange new trend is taking the internet by storm. Animals of all varieties are commandeering our playgrounds and slip-n-slides. There was that dog recently that nearly knocked over kids to be the first to the top of a water slide, and a horse who turned a kiddie pool in his own private day spa experience.

Add another to the list folks, and meet a Pomeranian named Plato, god of the playground if he has any say in the matter.

From what we understand, this isn’t Plato’s first playground rodeo. Looking a little confused at first, Plato’s videographer is instructed to move further away. This furry nugget knows that when his human runs to the end of the slide and says ‘Go!’ it’s show time.

Sure enough, he steps onto the structure and flies down the slide. As soon as his paws meet the ground, he’s wagging his tail and hopping around, having loved his quick adventure down this contraption. It sure is cute, and it’s basically guaranteed feel good viewing. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see a fluffy Pomeranian book it down a slide? We don’t often think of Pomeranians as being very adventurous, but this one seems quite fearless.

May this adorable playground puppy bring you all the needed joy to make it through the rest of your week.

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World\'s Most Adorable Pomeranian Becomes King Of The Playground