Ten Labrador Puppies Are Having Their First Solid Meal Resulting In Adorable Chaos

The following video gives us a great look at ten adorable Labrador puppies, and it’s a precious sight. They’re eating their very first solid meal in their whole lives, and it’s something almost magical to behold.

They’re all brothers and sisters, and at four weeks of age, their human parents decided that it was time for them to start feeding like big puppies, to give their momma some rest. One can imagine how new and exciting it must be for the puppies to enjoy their first meal, but they all look as happy as ever!

You are going to melt when you watch, but please keep reading so we can dish out the adorable details: According to what their human mommy says on the video, it’s important to start feeding them with puppy dog food at four weeks of age if the litter is too big. This is not to stop them from having their mother’s milk altogether; it’s just to help the dog mom rest and produce enough milk for all of the puppies.

In the end, one of the ten puppies stayed living with the family. The other ones found their permanent homes else were, and they were all adopted eventually. It’s hard not to believe it if you look at how cute the pups are! Watch these adorable puppies feeding for the first time in the following video; I’m sure you’ll find it delightful.