“A Carrier of Kittens and a Carrier of Puppies Are Put Across from One Another, When Opened, Whoa!”

It’s an old myth that dogs and kitties are each other’s, mortal enemies. But perhaps this is something that can be proven wrong, as seen here. When these little kittens and puppies encounter each other for the first time the meeting is anything but hostile. It’s a meeting of best friends to be!

A carrier full of cute little kittens and another full of puppies are placed on the floor across from one another. Then the doors are opened to allow them all to get out.

The first one to venture out is one of the kittens, who seems curious about the inhabitants of the other carrier. Before long other kittens and puppies start to emerge from their carriers. They start to look at one another and before long start to lick each other. They then start to play with one another along with interacting. The video is proof that cats and dogs can become the very best of friends!

So, watch this first encounter of kittens and puppies then let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below.

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