Adorable otters love the new popcorn maker

Orville Redenbacher never could have predicted that his popcorn-making machine would have such a profound impact on the lives of two adorable little otters. But that is precisely what happened.

The otters were recently introduced to a popcorn-making machine, provided courtesy of their owner, and their reaction was every bit as funny and amazing as you would expect it to be.

At first, it was all fun and games for the otters, and they loved the silent little machine. The key here is the silence – which would not last for long.

After their owner poured in a cup full of kernels and fired up the machine, they did not know what to do from that point forward, alternately running up the staircase and hiding beneath the furniture.

Of course, they could not stay away forever. After all, these adorable little creatures are some of the most curious animals on the planet, and they were determined to learn more.

Still, their bravery only took them to the edge of the kitchen table, where they watched warily from afar as the machine whirred and kicked little popcorn pieces out by the dozen.

It was a hilarious learning experience for these two young otters, and they learned one more lesson as well: After all, is said and done, popcorn doesn’t taste very good, either.

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Adorable otters love the new popcorn maker